How to switch to Xero from a different accounting system

February 27, 2024

Are you struggling to switch to Xero from a different accounting system? Dive into this guide to learn more.

Firstly, how to transition to Xero:

  • Set up your organization within the Xero platform.
  • Select the commencement date for recording transactions in Xero.
  • Incorporate a bank account and input its initial balance.

Transfer data from your previous system to Xero

For users of alternative systems, data migration to Xero can be facilitate through importing CSV files in bulk. You can import the following categories:

  • Xero chart of accounts
  • Customer invoices
  • Supplier bills
  • Contacts
  • Fixed assets

Input historical transactions by:

  • Entering any sales invoices or bills not previously imported into Xero from your conversion date.
  • Recording receive money and spend money transactions for sales and purchases without invoices or bills.

Record historical transactions starting from the conversion date, including:

  • Any outstanding sales invoices or bills not yet imported into Xero.
  • Transactions for received and spent money related to sales and purchases without invoices or bills.

Process payments and reconcile your bank account with these steps:

  • Record payments made or received on invoices or bills directly in Xero.
  • Next, set up a bank feed to automatically import transactions from your bank into Xero. If a bank feed isn't available or doesn't import older transactions, manually import bank statements into Xero.
  • Thirdly, reconcile your accounts by comparing transactions in your bank account with those recorded in Xero. At the same time, confirm the matches suggested by Xero and adjust them if needed.
  • If setting up a bank feed or importing statements manually isn't possible, mark transactions as reconciled when they appear in your bank account.
  • In addition, if you prefer not to enter items into Xero before they appear in your bank account, import your bank statement first. Then, while reconciling, add spend or receive money transactions. Also, invoices or bills must be entered into Xero first to match payments on your bank statement.

Generate reports to assess your business performance, start with these key reports:

  • Aged Payables Summary or Aged Receivables Summary: Provides details of outstanding invoices or bills.
  • Profit and Loss report: Displays income minus expenses for a specified period, indicating profit or loss.
  • Balance Sheet: Compares your current assets to liabilities, revealing your total equity.

Finalize your tax returns:

  • Review your Sales Tax Report, which displays the current sales tax period if your sales tax settings are configured.
  • Utilize the Sales Tax Audit Report to ensure all transactions for the period are accurately recorded at the appropriate tax rate.
  • Transfer relevant figures from your Sales Tax Report in Xero to the tax authority submission form.
  • Conclude the sales tax period by publishing your report in Xero, preparing it for the upcoming period.

Howevery, the terminology for sales tax may vary depending on your organization's country. For instance, South African entities may refer to it as VAT on reports and screens within Xero.

Finally, if transitioning from another accounting system to Xero is proving to be a challenge, explore additional guidance available here.

Experience seamless transition to Xero:

In conclusion, at Clooud Consulting, we understand the urgency of your business needs. As a result, we prioritize providing swift and efficient solutions to help you switch to Xero from a different accounting system. As a result, from initial consultation to full setup, our team works tirelessly to complete the migration, because we aim to minimize disruptions to your operations. Trust Clooud Consulting to seamlessly move your business to Xero and unlock its full potential. Contact us today to get started.

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How to switch to Xero from a different accounting system

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