Top Accounting Firm in Singapore

In Singapore's strong economy, accounting firms are crucial for keeping it as a leading global financial center. Audit firms play a vital role in ensuring transparency and accountability in business operations. They help maintain accurate financial records and build trust with stakeholders and potential investors.

Clooud Consulting LLP is honored to be recognized as a finalist for the Medium Singapore Accounting Partner of the Year award at the XERO Singapore Awards 2023. As a top accounting firm in Singapore, Clooud Consulting is committed to supporting local entrepreneurs at every stage of business journey. We specialize in helping businesses build core capabilities and navigate through the ever-evolving business landscape.


Compliance Advisory Services

Handling administrative filings and meeting compliance requirements can be challenging for SMEs, often causing stress and the risk of fines. At Clooud Consulting, we provide personalized advisory solutions to address our clients' compliance needs. Our team ensures timely completion of tasks and adherence to regulations, freeing up entrepreneurs to concentrate on their core business activities.

Company Incorporation Assistance

We specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with company incorporation in Singapore, handling accounting, tax compliance, and governance matters. Our experts help clients identify government grants and schemes to enhance business capabilities and foster growth.

Experience & Clientele

With a diverse clientele spanning non-profit organizations, corporate companies, and MNCs, we provide a range of services including Digital Design, Digital Marketing, and Cloud software solutions. Our goal is to empower clients to focus on business development while we handle regulatory and operational aspects efficiently.

IMDA Vendor & ACRA-certified Filing Agent

Being an approved IMDA vendor, Singapore SMEs can enjoy a 50% PSG subsidy for Xero, a cloud-based accounting software platform. Additionally, Clooud Consulting holds ACRA certification as a Filing Agent and is an approved Government Grant Consultant. This allows SMEs to access grants like the EDG, PSG, and MRA to enhance core capabilities and digitize business processes.

Best Business Accounting App

Xero is our top pick for tracking and paying bills because of its convenient features like scheduled payments, bill storage, and receipt uploads. It's suitable for businesses of all sizes, from freelancers to larger enterprises. With robust expense management capabilities, Xero helps monitor expenses, forecast budgets, and identify financial trends. This review is aimed at small business owners considering Xero, explaining why it's our preferred software for bill payment. Its versatility and superior tools make it an invaluable asset for accountants and bookkeepers alike, with three plan options catering to businesses of varying sizes.

For all your accounting needs, look no further than Clooud Consulting, one of the top accounting firms in Singapore. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business requirements. Whether you're a startup or a well-established company, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and driving your success. Contact us today and experience the difference with Clooud Consulting.

How to switch to Xero from a different accounting system

Are you struggling to switch to Xero from a different accounting system? Dive into this guide to learn more.

Firstly, how to transition to Xero:

Transfer data from your previous system to Xero

For users of alternative systems, data migration to Xero can be facilitate through importing CSV files in bulk. You can import the following categories:

Input historical transactions by:

Record historical transactions starting from the conversion date, including:

Process payments and reconcile your bank account with these steps:

Generate reports to assess your business performance, start with these key reports:

Finalize your tax returns:

Howevery, the terminology for sales tax may vary depending on your organization's country. For instance, South African entities may refer to it as VAT on reports and screens within Xero.

Finally, if transitioning from another accounting system to Xero is proving to be a challenge, explore additional guidance available here.

Experience seamless transition to Xero:

In conclusion, at Clooud Consulting, we understand the urgency of your business needs. As a result, we prioritize providing swift and efficient solutions to help you switch to Xero from a different accounting system. As a result, from initial consultation to full setup, our team works tirelessly to complete the migration, because we aim to minimize disruptions to your operations. Trust Clooud Consulting to seamlessly move your business to Xero and unlock its full potential. Contact us today to get started.